Accounts Payable Q&A: Extended Descriptions

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We need to include more information on a check stub for a certain vendor; however, there is not enough space. Is there any way to add more information to the description?

The Description field of an invoice allows a total of 60 characters. However, an extended description invoice can be created to provide a longer description.

Note: In order to print an extended invoice description, the vendor must have the One Check per Invoice check box cleared in the Vendor file.

To create an extended description invoice

  1. Enter the first invoice record with the desired Invoice Amount, Amount to Pay, the first 60 characters of Description, and GLS journal entry information (if applicable).
  2. Press Ctrl+S.
  3. Add another invoice record immediately after the previous invoice record, being sure to use the same Vendor, Voucher #, Invoice #, Invoice Date, and Due Date.
  4. Change the Description to reflect the next 60 characters of the description as desired.
  5. In the Invoice Amount and Amount to Pay fields, enter “0.00”.
  6. Press Ctrl+S.
  7. Add any additional invoices as required.

When printing the check, the extended description will print following the previous description on the check stub. The date, invoice number, and amounts print once.

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