Accounts Payable Q&A: Editing a Cost Entry from Accounts Payable

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I entered an invoice in Accounts Payable and used an incorrect tcode for the associated Tabs3 cost. Will it make a difference whether I edit the entry in Tabs3 or in APS?

Changes to costs can be made in either Tabs3 or APS. However, when editing a cost associated with GLS entries, we recommend making the edit in APS. This is because GLS information for cost entries entered using APS cannot be edited in Tabs3. Changes made in Tabs3 to costs that originated in APS may require additional manual changes be made in GLS.

To edit a cost in APS

  1. From the File menu, point to Open and select Invoice/Manual Checks.
  2. Select the desired Vendor.
  3. Double-click the applicable invoice from the Invoice/Manual Check Entry List.
  4. Click the t3cost (Tabs3 Costs) icon, which will open the Cost Entry window.
    1. Select the cost.
    2. Make the desired changes to the cost.
    3. Press Ctrl+S and close the Cost Entry window.

Close the Invoice/Manual Check Entry window.

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