Accounts Payable Q&A: Import Invoices

September 2018    Tags: , ,

We have a file that contains information for multiple invoices. Is it possible to import this type of file into APS so we don’t have to enter them one at a time?

You can use the Import Invoices function in APS to import data from an ASCII file into the APS Invoice file, provided the file is in the appropriate format and named A3IMPORT.DTA.

To import invoices, open the Import Invoices program (Maintenance | Invoice | Import Invoices) and click OK. The Import Invoices window will display the number of records that are imported, and invalid invoices will be sent to an error list.

For more information on the Import Invoices program, including the required format of the A3IMPORT.DTA file, refer to Knowledge Base Article R11505, “Importing Data into APS.”

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