Accounts Payable Q&A: 1099 Forms Not Printing

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We are new to APS and need to print out 1099 Forms. However, when we try to print we get the message ‘Nothing Printed’. What do I need to do to print my 1099 Forms?

There are several reasons why 1099 Forms may not be printing. You can use the following list to help identify why the 1099 form is not printing.

  • Verify the criteria when running 1099 Forms.
  • Make sure that all checks that should be included in the 1099 figures have been posted.
  • Run a Detail Vendor List (Reports | Vendor | Vendor List).
    • An M following the vendor number (e.g., 999M) indicates that the vendor is marked as a Miscellaneous Vendor. Miscellaneous Vendors are not included on 1099 Forms.
    • The 1099 Box field indicates which vendors have 1099 Info selected and which do not (indicated by an N).
  • Run a Paid Invoice by Vendor Report (Reports | Invoices | Paid Invoices by Vendor) to verify which vendors have paid at least the amount specified in the Minimum YTD Amount to Print field on the 1099 Forms.

Run an Invoice by Vendor List (Reports | Vendor | Vendor by Vendor List) to identify which invoices, if any, have been excluded from 1099 reporting. The 1099 column on this report indicates whether or not the Exclude from 1099 Reporting check box was selected on any invoices.

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