Accounts Payable Q&A: Designate Vendors as Inactive

January 2019    Tags: , , ,

Invoices are occasionally entered for old vendors that aren’t used anymore, and we don’t always catch the mistake in time. Is there an alternative to deleting old vendors? We need to keep the vendors’ history.

In Version 19, we introduced the ability to mark vendors as inactive. Invoices, manual checks, and EFTs cannot be entered for inactive vendors.

To mark a vendor as inactive

  1. From the File menu, point to Open and select Vendor.
  2. In the Vendor Information window, select the desired vendor.
  3. Select the Inactive check box.
  4. Press Ctrl+S.

Inactive vendors can be included or excluded from the Vendor Lookup window, Vendor List, and Vendor Analysis Report.

Note: Vendors with one or more recurring entries cannot be marked as inactive. Recurring entries must be deleted before the vendor can be marked inactive.

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