Accounts Payable Q&A: Check Register

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I need to review all of the costs that we advanced last month, and then determine if they are paid or not. Is there a report that I can run for this?

The Check Register has always had the option to show basic Tabs3 cost information. However, in Version 19 you can now also see the cost’s tcode, whether the cost was an advance or expense, and if it has been paid or not.

To run a Check Register with Tabs3 costs

  1. From the Checks Menu, select Check Register.
  2. On the Vendor tab, leave all of the fields blank.
  3. On the Invoices tab:
    1. Select the desired Bank Account.
    2. Enter the desired Check Date range.
  4. On the Options tab, in the Print section, select Print Tabs3 Information.
  5. Click OK.
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