Accounts Payable Q&A: Default Billing Description

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When we enter costs from Accounts Payable, we like to include both the name and vendor number in the description. Is it possible for these values to be included automatically?

You can select to include Vendor Name, Vendor Number, or Vendor Number and Name in the cost’s Description via Accounts Payable Customization.

To specify what is included in the Billing Description

  1. From the Utilities menu, select Customization.
  2. From the Tabs3 tab, select the desired Include in the Billing Description option.
  3. Press Ctrl+S.

Note: Changing this option will not affect invoices that have already been saved.

Note: For invoices assigned to a miscellaneous vendor, the vendor’s secondary name will be used in the description for the cost transaction (i.e., the Vendor Name that was entered when the invoice was added).

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