Accounts Payable Q&A: Deleting Paid Invoices

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We paid a vendor and then were notified that the check was not needed. I know how to void a check, but is there any way to remove the invoice record from APS?

When voiding a check, you have the option to also delete the invoice that was paid by that check.

To delete an invoice paid by a check

  1. From the Checks menu, point to Void Checks and select Void Posted Checks/EFTs.
  2. Select the Vendor, Bank Account, Check #, and Void Date as normal.
  3. Select the Delete invoices paid by the check check box.
  4. Click OK.

Note: This option is also available in the Void/Reprint Unposted Checks utility (Checks | Void Checks | Void/Reprint Unposted Checks).

Note: Although the invoice is deleted, the check will still be shown in the voided check list.

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