Accounts Payable Q&A: Voiding an Unposted EFT

May 2020    Tags: ,

I need to void an unposted EFT, but I don’t see an option for EFT in the Void/Reprint Unposted checks window. How can I void the EFT?

Unposted EFTs cannot be voided. Instead, the EFT invoice can simply be deleted. If the EFT was posted, you could then void it using the Void Posted Checks/EFTs utility.

To delete an unposted EFT

  1. From the File menu, point to Open and select Invoice/Manual Checks.
  2. Select the Vendor.
  3. In the Invoice/Manual Check Entry List section, double-click the EFT that you want to delete.
  4. Click the  (Delete) button.

Note: If you need to have a paper trail, consider posting the EFT and then using the Void Posted Checks/EFTs utility.

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