General Ledger Q&A: Date Through Which Books Are Closed

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I’m getting ready to close out my books for the year. Is there a function I need to run in the General Ledger Software to advance the current year?

Once you have confirmed the information in GLS is accurate and you’ve printed any necessary financial reports, you may want to consider adjusting the “Date through which books are closed” to the end of the completed year. However, this is completely optional. This date specifies a closing date for which you no longer want journal entries posted or edited. Journal entries dated on or before this date cannot be posted, which allows you to preserve the integrity of financial reports.

To change the Date through which books are closed

  1. From the Utilities menu, select Edit GLS Client.
  2. In the Journal Entry Date Restrictions section, select the desired Date through which books are closed.
  3. Press Ctrl+S.

Note: More information regarding Year-End Procedures in GLS can be found in Knowledge Base Article R11600, “General Ledger Software Year-End Overview.”

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