General Ledger Q&A: Account Information Report

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I need to review one of our account’s monthly balances for the last two years. Can I do this without printing multiple reports?

You can quickly review up to three years of account balances, or two years and a difference, via Account Information. An optional Account Information Report can also be printed.

To view account balances for multiple years

  1. From the File menu, point to Open and select Account Information.
  2. On the Balances tab, select the Account #.
  3. In the Period Selection section:
    1. Select the years for which you need monthly balances in Column 1 and Column 2.
    2. In Column 3, optionally select a third year or select Difference to show a month-by-month comparison between the two years selected.

You can now review each month’s balances for the selected account in the Monthly Balances section. To print a report, press Ctrl+P.

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