General Ledger Q&A: Select Different Client

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We used to maintain separate sets of books for our firm and its subsidiaries, but changed to one set of books a few years ago. However, now I need to run reports on one of the old subsidiaries and can’t remember how to do so. How can I access the older data to run my reports?

Each set of books in GLS is referred to as a GLS Client. To access the data in a different GLS Client, you must change which GLS Client is being accessed.

To select a different GLS Client

  1. From the Utilities menu, select Select Different Client.
  2. In the New Client field, select the subsidiary for which you need to run reports.
  3. Click OK.

You can now run the desired reports.

Note: The new client is used until the software is restarted or a different GLS client is selected. Selecting a different GLS client does not affect other users.

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