General Ledger Q&A: Batches and Grouping Journal Entries

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There are certain journal entries that I want to group together. However, they are often on different days and have different transaction numbers. I can’t make a deposit slip as most of these are not entries for bank accounts. How can I accomplish this?

When entering journal entries, there are two tabs: Transaction and Batch. The Transaction tab is used to add, change, or delete journal entries, whereas the Batch tab provides a read-only history of the selected transaction along with any other related transactions associated with the specified transaction. Although additional associated transactions are typically generated as a result of integration with Tabs3, APS, or TAS, you can manually add new transactions to the Batch tab

To add a transaction to the Journal Entries Batch tab

  1. From the File menu, point to Open and select Journal Entries.
  2. From the Transaction tab, select an existing Trans #.
  3. From the Batch tab, press Crtl+N.
  4. Click Yes to create a new transaction from the Batch tab.
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