General Ledger Q&A: Finding all Unreconciled Checks

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Our accountant needs a list of the unreconciled checks posted from AP. Is it possible to get all unreconciled checks on a single report?

The Journal Report can be run for specific Record Sources and Record Statuses. This means we can run it for records that originated from Accounts Payable and have the status of Unreconciled.

To run a Journal Report for unreconciled AP checks

  1. From the Reports menu, select Journal Report.
  2. On the Dates tab, in the Date Range section, select a Date of All.
  3. On the Options tab:
    1. Set Record Source to Specific and select the source of Accounts Payable.
    2. Set Record Status to Specific and select the status of Outstanding.
  4. Click OK.
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