General Ledger Q&A: Password Protect Reconciliation Reports

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We want to add an extra layer of security to our financial information in General Ledger. Users are already restricted from accessing General Ledger, but is there a way to protect the PDF files created for our reconciliation reports so only authorized users can open them?

General Ledger provides the ability to apply password protection to the reconciliation report PDF files to help keep the firm’s financial information protected both inside and outside the software.

To specify a password for a bank account’s reconciliation report PDFs

  1. In the Quick Launch, search for and select “Account Information.”
  2. Select the desired Account #.
  3. Click the Account Setup button.
  4. Click the Bank Info button.
    1. Select the Use a password to protect PDF reconciliation reports check box.
    2. In the Password field, enter the password you want to use.
    3. Click OK.
  5. Click Save.

Future reconciliation reports will now require a password to be entered in order to open.

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