KB Corner: Best Practices When Applying Credits

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There are many reasons why you might want or need to credit or refund a client’s account. Likewise, there are many ways to make a credit to a client’s account. While the easiest way may seem to be entering a credit transaction (i.e., entering a negative fee or cost), this may not be the best way to handle the situation.

In Knowledge Base Article R11730, “Best Practices When Applying Credits,” we discuss the different methods of crediting a client’s account as well as best practices on handling various scenarios. The methods discussed include write offs, write-downs, courtesy discounts, payment adjustments, editing or deleting the original transaction, and applying a credit transaction. For each method, we cover how reports, statements, and integration are handled and walk you through performing the method.

Because credit transactions can lead to problems down the road that are time intensive to fix if the credit is not entered correctly, this article also provides more in-depth information regarding how credit transactions work.

Make sure you’re performing credits the best way. Bookmark this article to use as a reference the next time you must credit or refund a client.

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