Platinum: Revisiting HotBackup Setup

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If you haven’t reviewed your HotBackup schedule, notification preferences, and storage settings in a while, now is a great time to do it! These settings can all be accessed in System Configuration via the Platinum | Platinum Server Config menu options, and are summarized below. Although the built-in data recovery that Platinum’s Transaction Processing provides in the event of interruption minimizes data loss, HotBackup helps ensure that you will have to reenter the least amount of data in the event a restore becomes necessary.

HotBackup Schedule

Do you have regular HotBackups scheduled throughout the day? When scheduling HotBackups, keep in mind that users do not have to exit the software, and that you can store up to 198 HotBackups at any given time.

A schedule can be added or edited via the HotBackup Schedule tab in the Platinum Server Configuration window.


HotBackup Notification

How will you know if something happens and a HotBackup fails? Setting up a notification when a HotBackup fails helps give you peace of mind. You can set up the notification to send to any e-mail address, as well as multiple addresses. This helps ensure that all parties who need to know are notified. Notifications are not limited to just failures; you can also set up notifications to be sent for successful HotBackups if desired.

Even if you have this in place, it’s a good idea to regularly verify the current recipients. If you’ve switched IT companies, and/or someone is no longer employed, you may be sending failure messages to an e-mail address that is no longer checked.

Note: Outgoing E-mail Configuration settings (Settings | Outgoing E-mail Configuration) must be set up before HotBackup notifications can be added.

Notifications can be added, edited, or deleted via the HotBackup Notification tab.



HotBackup Folder

Where are your HotBackups stored, and how many do you keep? We recommend storing your HotBackups outside of the Tabs3 directory. When first setting up your HotBackup preferences, we provide a default storage threshold of four recent and two archive HotBackups. This means that a total of six HotBackups are stored at any given time. However, when deciding how many to keep, remember that you can store up to 198 HotBackups.

Storage settings can be updated via the HotBackup Folder tab.


Don’t let your HotBackup preferences become dated! Review these settings regularly to make sure you have everything in place should a restore become necessary.

For more information about Platinum features, see Knowledge Base Article R11379, “Platinum Overview.” If you have any questions regarding Platinum features, contact your local reseller and consultant, or contact Technical Support at (402) 419-2210.

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