Platinum: Are You Ready for Platinum?

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How can you decide when Platinum is right for you? There are several questions you can ask to help determine when it is time for your firm to upgrade to Tabs3 and PracticeMaster Platinum.

  • Do you want to access your data remotely?
  • Do you want protection from data corruption?
  • Do you have high network activity?
  • Do you need to create backups while others continue to work?
  • Do you need to allow several users to work in files and process reports simultaneously?
  • Do you want to enhance your firm’s communication?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to upgrade to Platinum. Read on to find out more!

Access your data remotely. Do you need to enter fees and costs while on the road? Do you need access to your firm’s calendar and contacts while away from the office? You could call the office and ask for information, or you can log in to Tabs3 Connect and directly access what you need. Tabs3 Connect provides access to the fee and cost entry, Matter Manager, calendar, Graphical Recap of Hours, client and contact information, eNotes, alarms, and documents. Best of all, Tabs3 Connect is a secure solution. See for more information.

Protection from data corruption. If you have had network or hardware problems in the past, it may be interesting to note that these are the most common causes of data corruption. The good news is that Transaction Processing can prevent corruption in situations where errors occur while running protected tasks, such as data entry and Update Statements. If the task is interrupted, such as when a power failure occurs, the data file is automatically “rolled back” to its prior state. This is accomplished using the Auto-Recovery feature of Transaction Processing. Rather than searching for a backup that may or may not be usable, you can simply rerun the process. This kind of protection can save your firm time and money.

High network activity. Did you know that as network traffic increases, Platinum works harder? If your firm heavily utilizes the network, imagine adding another 5-10 users to your network. Will it stand up to the challenge? Performance degradation is substantially less when adding users to a network using Platinum. Go one step further with the Platinum SQL software. Platinum SQL is designed to utilize 64-bit server capabilities for even faster data access, and provides additional features beyond the standard Platinum software such as 32-bit and 64-bit ODBC access and OLE DB access. If your network currently struggles during peak working hours, it may be time for Platinum or Platinum SQL.

Create backups while others continue to work. When using the standard multi-user version of Tabs3 and PracticeMaster software, it is necessary to ask all users to save their work and exit the software when you want to make a backup of the current working directory. This can make it difficult to schedule backups for a time when no one is logged in to the software. Platinum provides a solution with HotBackup. The HotBackup feature can be run at any time of the day, regardless of whether users are logged in to the software. Not only do you gain the peace of mind knowing you have a valid backup, you also gain the convenience of scheduling backups at any time, 24 hours a day.

Work in files and process reports simultaneously. If many of your users need to run reports and sort, filter, or otherwise work with data at the same time, Platinum can make their reports, filters, and indexes run more quickly. Accelerated filtering allows sorting and filtering to work significantly faster by using the server’s resources, rather than those of the user’s workstation. Additionally, with the Tabs3 and PracticeMaster Report Accelerators, you can see reports run 10-30 times faster! That means a report that takes one minute could be run in as little as 2 seconds! For a side-by-side comparison of Tabs3 reports, visit KB Article R11142, “Tabs3 Performance Comparison.”

Enhance your firm’s communication. Communication is key in the workplace. Combining the best of email and instant messaging, eNotes provide a quick and easy way to deliver messages. Need to reference information already in PracticeMaster? eNote lets you attach appointments, journal records, documents, and more to your messages using the built-in eNotify feature. This allows you to send and receive the information you need in record time!

If it’s time to upgrade to Platinum, KB Article R11261, “Platinum Version Net 30 Trial Plan,” provides information regarding how to get started with the Platinum 30-day free trial plan. Contact your local consultant, or contact our Sales Department at (402) 419-2200 today! You are just one phone call away from experiencing the many benefits and features of Platinum!

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