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When you need to perform an exclusive task, such as running the Data File Integrity Check, it’s not always a simple task to get everyone out of the software. Phone calls you make and emails you send may not be answered or returned, so that leaves you running around the office to close the software on each computer. Resetting users isn’t recommended because resetting users while they are working in the software can cause corruption in the data. But there’s a better way! With Platinum, you can safely log off users at your computer via the Log Off Users utility. conflicting_activities

The Platinum version of the software provides users with the opportunity to save their work and close the software themselves, or to be safely logged out automatically. When a Conflicting Activities window is displayed, you have the option to either Notify Users or Log Off Users.

Clicking the Notify Users button sends a message to be displayed on each user’s computer requesting they log out of the software in order for tasks to be completed. Once all users have logged out, the Conflicting Activities window is replaced with the window of the task you need to perform.log_off_users

Alternatively, clicking the Log Off Users button first opens the Log Off Users window, allowing you to enter a reason for the log off and the number of minutes before users will be automatically logged off. Clicking the Yes button then sends a message that will be displayed on each user’s computer informing them how long they have to save their work before being safely logged off.

For more information about Platinum features, see Knowledge Base Article R11379, “Platinum Overview.” If you have any questions regarding Platinum features, contact your local consultant, or contact Technical Support at (402) 419-2210.

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