PracticeMaster Q&A: Protecting Individual Documents

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We need to control who edits the documents for a particular client, and track changes that are made. Is there a way to accomplish this for only the one client?

Individual documents can be protected via the Protect Document check box on the document management record. When Protect Document is selected, the document must be checked out prior to editing and must be checked in as a new version. Each version can then be viewed separately or compared to another version via the Versions tab.

To protect a document

  1. From the Documents menu, select Document Management.
  2. Double-click the record you want to protect.
  3. Select the Protect Document check box.

Note: The Protect Document check box will not be available if the Always create a new version when checking in managed documents check box is selected on the Documents tab of Customization (Maintenance | Customization). When this option is selected, all documents for all clients are protected by default.

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