PracticeMaster Q&A: Batch Journal Record Creation from Outlook

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We journal emails to PracticeMaster from Outlook all the time. Is there a way to journal multiple emails at the same time?

Beginning with Version 19, you can journal multiple Outlook emails to PracticeMaster at once.

To journal multiple emails to PracticeMaster at once

  1. In Outlook, highlight all of the emails for which you want to create journal records.
  2. Click the Journal button on the PracticeMaster toolbar.
  3. In the Journal Multiple Emails window, select one of the following:
    1. View each Journal record before saving – This option allows you to view and edit each journal record as it is being created.
    2. Create all Journal records silently – This option allows you to quickly create journal records for all of the emails without viewing each record. With this option, you can also designate a client and/or a contact to apply to all of the new journal records.
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2 Responses to “PracticeMaster Q&A: Batch Journal Record Creation from Outlook”

  1. Dawn Kline says:

    I have a similar question. Sometimes we have several emails that go back and forth to a someone and we would like to bill for these email exchanges. Sometimes we don't always keep track of the emails/billable time and I'd like to know if there is a way to quickly convert several emails to fee records . Can you highlight several Journal emails without having to choose each email and then choose convert to a fee record?

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    • Dawn – Thank you for your question! You can convert multiple journal records to fees. Select the desired records in the Journal file that you want to convert and then select the Convert to Fee option via Edit | Action, the Take Action group of the Quick Clicks pane, or the Action right-click menu. Alternatively, you can select multiple records in the Process Timer Records window (File | Process Timer Records), click the green check mark, and then choose to Convert to Fee or Combine to Fee.

      When converting multiple records to fees, if a Client ID is specified for the Journal record, it will automatically be used for the fee record. However, if no Client ID is specified, you will be prompted to select a Client ID. Fee records will be displayed so that you can make any desired edits.

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