PracticeMaster Q&A: Increased Field Limits

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We use a lot of custom forms and we just hit the limit for the number of fields we can add to the Client file. Is there any way to increase this limit?

In Version 19, we increased the limit of user-defined fields in each file to 450. This number is in addition to any protected fields in the file. In Version 18 and prior, you were limited to 435 fields total in each file, which included both user-defined and protected fields.

If you want to see how many user-defined fields you currently have in any given file, you can run the File Definition Report (Reports | File Definition Report). The following fields on this report may be of particular interest:

  • Total Fields – Total number of fields in the file.
  • Protected Fields – Number of protected fields in the file.
  • Other Fields – Number of user-defined fields in the file (maximum of 450).

For more information on the File Definition Report, including fields not listed here, refer to the PracticeMaster Report Pack.

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