PracticeMaster Q&A: Reassign User ID

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At our office, our User IDs are based on our first initial and last name. Someone at our office recently got married and wants their User ID updated accordingly. However, we mistakenly created a new User ID with their new name instead of changing the existing one. As a result, they have Calendar entries in PracticeMaster belonging to both versions of their name. Is there a way to merge those?

The Reassign User ID utility in System Configuration can combine all records associated to one User ID with another existing User ID.

To reassign a User ID

  1. From the System Configuration Utilities menu, select Reassign User ID.
  2. In the Old User ID field, select the original User ID.
  3. In the New User ID field, select the User ID you want to use going forward.
  4. Click OK.

Note: Groups are not updated when reassigning a User ID. Make sure to update any groups to which the old User ID was part of.

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