PracticeMaster Q&A: PracticeMaster Dashboard

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Is there any place in the software where I can see both my calendar and hours worked at the same time?

In Version 19, PracticeMaster has a new dashboard feature. When you log into PracticeMaster using the new Standard theme, the dashboard is located on the Home tab and is comprised of three widgets: Calendar, My Tasks, and Recap of Hours.

  • The Calendar widget shows a list of your upcoming events
  • My Tasks shows all of your incomplete tasks broken down by due date
  • Recap of Hours displays your hours worked and can be shown in daily, weekly, or monthly graphical format

Note: The Last Updated text in the lower right-hand corner of the dashboard shows when the dashboard information was last updated. You can manually refresh the dashboard at any time by pressing F5 or clicking the dropdown arrow to the right of Last Updated and selecting Refresh Now.

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