PracticeMaster Q&A: Field not Available in Search Box

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When using the Search box in the Client file, I click the Fields button so that I can search a specific field; however, the field I want is not listed. Why is this?

Only the fields that are included in the current column layout can be searched when using the Search box (Ctrl+E). You can add the field to your current column layout or you can switch to a column layout that does include the field such as the (default) column layout, which automatically includes all fields in the file.

To add a field to your current column layout

  1. From the File menu, point to Open and click Client.
  2. From the Column Layout group of the Quick Clicks pane, click Manage Column Layouts.
    1. Double-click the desired column layout.
    2. In the Available Fields column, select the field you want to be added to the column layout, and then click the Add button.
    3. Optionally use the Up and Down buttons to position the field where you want it to display in the column layout.
    4. Click Save, and then close the Manage Quick Clicks window.

The field will now be available to search using the Search box

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