PracticeMaster Q&A: Closing All Tabs

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I consistently have a large number of tabs open in PracticeMaster. Is there a way I can close all of the tabs at once without having to close the software and log back in?

When you are using the Tabbed Interface (View | Theme Settings), you have two ways to close all open tabs:CloseAllTabs

  • From the Window file, click Close All.
  • Clicking the activefiles (Active Files) icon, and then click Close All Tabs.

Additionally, both the Windows menu and clicking Active Files displays a list of all open tabs, allowing you to select any tab to bring it into view. The tab listing with the check mark next to it indicates which tab is currently the active tab. This list can be especially useful when you have more tabs open than fit across the window.

Note: The Close All and Close All Tabs options will not close the Home page.

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