PracticeMaster Q&A: Auto Email Notification

December 2019    Tags: , ,

We rely heavily upon the PracticeMaster calendar, and there are times when events get added or meeting times are moved at the last minute. Is there a way in the software to alert attendees to these changes?

An email can be automatically generated when Auto Email Notification (Calendar | Auto Email Configuration) is enabled. The email message will include the meeting information and changes, if any, and will populate the To field with all users listed in the associated calendar record. Simply click Send on the email, and attendees will be notified.

Each user who is assigned to a calendar record must have their email address entered in the User File (File | Open | Select Users) in System Configuration.

Alternatively, if you have the Platinum version of PracticeMaster, a WorkFlow can be set up to automatically send an eNote. For more information on WorkFlows, refer to Knowledge Base Article R11307, “All About WorkFlows.”

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