PracticeMaster Q&A: Export Email as Outlook Message

February 2020    Tags: , , ,

Is there any way that I can export my email journal records in an Outlook format?

You can use the Export Email as Outlook Msg option to open the Export Email Message window. This will export the selected email messages as a .MSG file to a specified location. The .MSG file will be created with all current attachments.

To export a journaled email to an .MSG file

  1. From the File menu, point to Open and select Journal.
  2. Select the email records you want to export.
  3. From the Edit menu, point to Action and select Export Email as Outlook Msg.
  4. In the Folder field, select the location to which you want to save the files.
  5. Click OK.

The .msg files will be saved to the specified folder using a “yyyymmdd_subject.msg” naming method, where yyyymmdd is the date of the email and subject is the text from the subject field of the message.

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