PracticeMaster Q&A: Prompting for Information in Report Writer

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I created a Report Writer report for a specific attorney that provides a list of the active clients for which they are the Primary Timekeeper. Other attorneys would also like to use this report, but I don’t want to have to edit the report each time a different attorney wants to run it. Is there any way to have the report prompt for the timekeeper number and generate results based on that?

When creating a report, you can save time by creating a User Defined Field with a Runtime Prompt. The field can then be used to filter the report by timekeeper.

To create a User Defined Field that prompts for a value

  1. From the Reports menu, select Report Writer.
  2. Select the report and click the Modify button.
    1. From the User Defined Fields tab:
      1. Click the (New Field) button.
      2. Enter a Field Name (e.g., “Pri_TK”).
      3. Select a Field Type of Integer.
      4. Select the Runtime Prompt check box.
      5. In the Prompt field, enter the text you want to be shown when running the report (e.g., Primary Timekeeper).
      6. Click OK.
    2. From the Filter tab:
      1. Click the New Advanced Row button.
      2. Click the Field button.
      3. From the User Defined tab, select the field you created (e.g., (Pri_TK”), and then click Insert.
      4. Click the Operator button, select = Equal to, and then click Insert.
      5. Click the Field button, select Prim_Tkpr, and then click Insert.
      6. Click OK.
    3. Press Ctrl+S.

Note: You must remove the original filter that enabled the report to be run for a specific timekeeper.

You will now be prompted for the Primary Timekeeper number when running this report. User Defined Fields with Runtime Prompts are a powerful and flexible way to build reports and filters.

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