PracticeMaster Q&A: Creating a Drop-Down List Field

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We want to create a new field in our Client file for a referral source. We want the field to use a drop-down list and to be limited to the options on this drop-down list. Is there a way to accomplish this?

When creating Alpha-type fields in PracticeMaster, you can choose to have the field utilize a drop-down list in order to allow specific choices to select from. Once the list is populated, you can optionally restrict the field to only allow using these choices during data entry.

To create a drop-down field in the Client file

  1. From Maintenance, select File Maintenance.
  2. In the System Files group, select Client and click OK.
  3. From the Field tab:
    1. Press Ctrl+N and enter a Field ID. Alpha is automatically selected as the Field Type.
    2. If necessary, edit the Field Name.
    3. Select the Use Drop-Down List check box and then click the Edit List button.
    4. Select the Restrict to List check box.
    5. Click the (Insert) icon to create a new Item, and then enter the name of the item as you want it to be shown in the drop-down list.
    6. Repeat step e for each item to be included in the drop-down list.
    7. Click OK on the Edit Drop-Down List window.
  4. Click Done on the File Definition window.
  5. Close File Maintenance.

You can now open the Client file and add your field to the Form (Edit | Form Designer).

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