PracticeMaster Q&A: Updating Calendar Records for New Group Members

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I added a new employee to a group in System Configuration. New records I add for the group include her, but she is not included in the existing calendar records for that group. Is there an easy way to add her to existing records?

Although existing records for a group of users are not updated when users are added to or removed from groups, it is easy to update existing records using Find and Replace. By replacing the group name with the same group name, the users included in the group are refreshed.

To use Find and Replace to update a calendar record

  1. From the Calendar menu, select Calendar File.
  2. From the Quick Clicks pane, in the the Take Action group, select Find and Replace.
    1. Optionally select records, or a filter, to narrow down the records you want to change.
    2. In the Search For field, enter the group name.
    3. In the Replace With field, enter the same group name.
    4. In the Search Fields section, select Specific Fields and then click the Select Fields button.
      1. Click the Clear All button.
      2. Double-click the Group Info field so that it has a check mark and click OK.
    5. Optionally click the Find button to review which records will be updated. Then, click the Replace button to update individual records, or click the Replace All button to update all records listed in the Search Results section.
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