PracticeMaster Q&A: Replying to Emails in PracticeMaster

December 2020    Tags: , , ,

We have an email that was saved in PracticeMaster but then deleted from Outlook. We are unable to recover the actual email, but we do need to respond. Is there a way to reply from the record in PracticeMaster?

Not only is there a Reply option for email saved in PracticeMaster, but there are also options to Reply to All and Forward. These options are accessible from the Journal file or on the Journal tab of the Client file via the Take Action group of the Quick Clicks pane, the Edit | Action menu, or the Action group when right-clicking the record.

When you click Reply or Reply to All, PracticeMaster opens the default mail client with the email address from the original journaled email already in the To field.

If any attachments were included in the journal record, they will not be attached when Reply or Reply to All is clicked. If the attachment is needed in the response, use the Forward option instead. This will not prefill the email recipients, but it will include the attached file.

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