PracticeMaster Q&A: Archive Records Missing in PracticeMaster

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We just purchased a license of PracticeMaster and started using it. However, we noticed that the Recap of Hours in PracticeMaster has fewer hours than the Recap of Hours in Tabs3 Billing. Why is this?

PracticeMaster is missing the archived fee records from Tabs3 Billing. This can be corrected by running the Synchronize PM and Tabs3/TAS utility.

To synchronize Tabs3 Billing and PracticeMaster

  1. From the PracticeMaster Maintenance menu, point to Integration and then select Synchronize PM and Tabs3/TAS.
  2. Select the Perform Synchronization and prompt for a resolution to all conflicts check box.
  3. Select the Convert Tabs3 archive records to PracticeMaster fee and cost records check box.
  4. Click Start Synchronization.

Once the synchronization has completed, you will be prompted to view the changes made to PracticeMaster.

Note: Depending on how much archived data is present, this synchronization may take a long time to complete. We recommend performing the synchronization from the server to help minimize the time it takes.

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