PracticeMaster Q&A: Journaling Multiple Emails

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I recently began journaling emails from clients into PracticeMaster. I have a large number of emails from a specific client that I want to journal, but don’t have time to journal each one individually. Is there a way to journal multiple emails at once?

We provide the ability to journal multiple emails at once with just this type of situation in mind!

To journal multiple emails at once

  1. In Outlook, highlight all of the emails for which you want to create journal records.
  2. Click the Journal button on the PracticeMaster toolbar.
  3. In the Journal Multiple Emails window, select one of the following:
    1. View each Journal record before saving – This option allows you to view and edit each journal record as it is being created.
    2. Create all Journal records silently – This option allows you to quickly create journal records for all of the emails without viewing each record. With this option, you can also designate a client and/or a contact to apply to all of the new journal records.
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