Quick Tip: Dragging Records in the Graphical Calendar

February 2016    Tags: ,

Did you know that you can drag records to move or replicate them in the Graphical Calendar? This makes it easy to reschedule a meeting, or to schedule a continuance without opening the Calendar file.

  • If you want to move an event to a different time, simply move your mouse to the left side of the record until the pointer becomes a 4pointer. Click to grab the record, and then drag it to the  desired time. This removes the record from the original time slot and adds it to the new time slot.
  • If you want to replicate a record, such as when a meeting needs to continue at another time with the same people at the same location, hold the Ctrl key as you drag the record to the desired time. This does not remove the record from the original time slot; instead, a replicated record is added to the new time slot.
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