Quick Tip: Change WIP Transactions

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Did you know that you can quickly and easily change certain fields for a range of transactions that has not been billed yet? The Change WIP Transactions program (Maintenance | Transaction Related | Change WIP Transactions) provides the ability to make changes to many transactions at once instead of spending hours making changes transaction by transaction.

The Change WIP Transactions program can be run for all of the same ranges you can run reports and statements for; the Client and Transactions tabs are the same. This helps narrow down the range of transactions you want to change. The following options can be changed using this process:

  • Set Status (Print or Hold)
  • Date
  • Convert Tcode to Task Code
  • Phase/Task, Activity/Expense
  • Sales Tax
  • Bill Code
  • Fee Category
  • Rate

Some of the most common reasons for using the Change WIP Transactions program include when a timekeeper has changed their rates and transactions were entered with the old rate, changing transactions from a print to hold status (or vice versa), and converting tcodes to task codes when an existing client becomes a task based billing client.

The next time you find yourself needing to change a large number of transactions, stay on schedule by using the Change WIP Transactions program.

Tip: Due to the number of records that could be changed using this process, make sure to back up your data before running the Change WIP Transactions program.

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