Quick Tip: Tabs3 Entry List Options

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Did you know that you can do more with Entry Lists than see current work-in-process transactions? The Fee, Cost, Payment, and Client Funds Entry Lists can be printed, filtered, and set to include archived records.

Entry Lists can be toggled to be hidden or displayed using the toggle_list (Toggle List) button or Alt+G. Once the Entry List is displayed, the following additional buttons are available:

  • Print List – Click the print_list (Print List) button to print a list of all transactions currently displayed in the Entry List.
  • Select Date – Click the select date (Select Date) button, or press Alt+L, to select a date for which transactions will be displayed. This button is only available when filtering by Transaction Date or Entry Date via View Options.
  • View Options – Click the view_options (View Options) button, or press Alt+O, to filter the Entry List by Client ID, Transaction Date, or Entry Date; select to include only those records for a certain Timekeeper or User ID; or select to Include Archived Records.

You enter data regularly; make sure you are getting the most out of your Entry List by showing the information you want to see and quickly printing lists when needed.

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