Spotlight: Trust Accounting Software

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Tabs3 Trust Accounting Software (TAS) is designed to help your firm keep track of the trust accounts you manage.

TAS tracks an unlimited number of trust accounts and manages up to 99 different bank accounts. The software can warn you when an account goes below a minimum balance, and provides optional credit card processing (merchant account required).

You can print checks, enter manual checks, print trust ledgers for individual trust accounts and bank accounts, reconcile your bank account in the software, and track your checks through a variety of reports.

TAS provides seamless integration with Tabs3 Billing, Tabs3 Accounts Payable Software (APS), and Tabs3 General Ledger Software (GLS).

  • In Tabs3 Billing, trust balances can appear on work-in-process reports, trust transactions or balances can appear on billing statements, and payments made to your firm from a client’s trust account can automatically generate a payment in Tabs3. In PracticeMaster, trust balances appear as part of Matter Manager’s Billing Summary.
  • IRS Form 1099-MISC information can be printed in TAS or be combined with APS 1099-MISC information.
  • Checks and payments from TAS can create journal entries in GLS.

Trust accounting regulations require strict adherence. Tabs3 Trust Accounting Software provides peace of mind with the tools to help your firm manage your trust accounts.

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