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Did you know that every purchase of a license for Tabs3 software comes with a one-user “Try Before You Buy” license of PracticeMaster that’s free to use? If you don’t already use PracticeMaster, this license provides the ability to try out PracticeMaster and see how much practice management software will benefit your firm. Think you don’t need dedicated practice management software? If you’re relying on programs not targeted for law firms, you’re missing out.

The Try Before You Buy license includes seamless integration with Tabs3 clients. With the addition of contact management, you can enter and view more contact information for any client. Use the Matter Manager to quickly see client information at a glance – check out related contacts, calendar entries, a billing summary, e-mails, and more. PracticeMaster allows you to link clients and contacts to any file, making it easy for everyone to find the information they need.

PracticeMaster’s firm-wide calendar ensures that everyone in the firm can see upcoming meetings and client appointments. Additionally, you can integrate calendar records and contacts with Outlook, ensuring that everyone in the firm has access to contacts and matter information saved by anyone in the firm. For more information on how PracticeMaster is better than Outlook in a law firm, see our June Product Spotlight, How PracticeMaster is Better Than Outlook.

Take advantage of integration with third-party programs such as Microsoft® Outlook®, Internet Explorer, Word, Excel®, and PowerPoint®; Adobe® Reader or Acrobat®; ScanSnap™; WordPerfect®; and more. Integration with these programs provides the ability to easily save your client and matter related documents to PracticeMaster’s document management program, journal e-mails to PracticeMaster, create fees, save research, and more.

Use the Conflict of Interest Search to quickly find information in the Client, Contact, Journal, Calendar, Document Management, Fee, and/or Cost files. Conflict of Interest searches help ensure that ethical walls in a firm are maintained.

Track your time on different projects and matters in PracticeMaster. Use timers to make sure you’re billing for the work you perform.

Need more or different fields in PracticeMaster? PracticeMaster is customizable. Add, edit, delete, and rearrange fields in any file. Want to see information in a different order, or only see certain fields? Use filters and QuickViews to show only the records that are pertinent to what you’re working on, in the order you want to see them.

Give PracticeMaster a chance to change the way your law firm runs by saving time and money using the free one-user “Try Before You Buy” license. You’ve got nothing to lose.

For more information about PracticeMaster features included in the “Try Before You Buy” license, see Knowledge Base Article R11548, “PracticeMaster Feature Comparison.” If you have any questions regarding PracticeMaster features, contact your local reseller and consultant, or contact Technical Support at (402) 419-2210.

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