Billing Q&A: Using Text Macros

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We have to use very specific phrasing for one of our client’s fee entries. I know I can create transaction codes with those descriptions but I don’t want to permanently add transaction codes for a client we’ll only have for six months. Is there a way to get that phrasing without typing it every single time?

This can be accomplished through the use of text macros. You can add a text macro to have the preferred text populate automatically when you type a short string. For example, entering “LD” could expand to “long distance telephone charges.”

To add a new text macro

  1. From the Maintenance menu, select Text Macro Maintenance.
  2. In the Macro ID field, enter a short string of characters that would not be commonly used while typing. This field represents the text that will be used to expand out to the specific phrasing.
  3. In the Text field, enter the replacement text for the text macro. When the Macro ID is typed during data entry, it will automatically be replaced with this text.
  4. Press Ctrl+S.

Now, whenever you enter the Macro ID and press the spacebar, the desired text will be displayed.

Note: Each user will need to enable macros for use. In the Fee Entry window, right-click in the Description field and then select Auto Text Expansion.

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