Billing Q&A: E-Mail Template Access Rights

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I need to prevent my billing staff from making edits to our e-mail templates. Is there a way to accomplish this?

Rights to perform any function in our software are controlled via Access Profiles. Access Profiles can be assigned to users, and are maintained in System Configuration.

To remove access rights for editing e-mail template

  1. In System Configuration, from the File menu, point to Open and select Access Profile.
  2. Select the desired Access ID.
  3. From the Tabs3 tab:
    1. Select Statements/Statement Setup.
    2. In the Functions section, select Edit E-mail Templates.
    3. In the Selected Functions section, click the Disallow button.
  4. Press Ctrl+S.

This will prevent any user assigned to this Access Profile from being able to edit the E-mail Templates. Access Profiles are assigned via User Configuration (File | Open | Users).

Note: Changes to Access Profiles will be available the next time users log into the software.

Note: A user will have rights to a function if any of the assigned access profiles has rights to that function.

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