Billing Q&A: Lower Case Source Codes

October 2018    Tags: , ,

I recently ran the Transaction File List and included the Source column, which displays both uppercase and lowercase letters. What do the letters signify?

The characters in the Source column indicates where the transaction originated. The following is a list of possible Source Codes:

  • “B” = Tabs3 Billing
  • “T” = Tabs3 Trust Accounting Software
  • “A” = Tabs3 Accounts Payable Software
  • “R” = Tabs3 Remote
  • “D” = Data Capture Device
  • “P” or “C” = PracticeMaster
  • “Q” = QuickBooks

Note: Client funds payments will have a source of “M” for manual funds payments or “A” for automatic funds payments.

Lowercase codes indicate that the transaction has been split using Perform Split Billing (e.g., “b” indicates a split transaction that originated in Tabs3 Billing). No source code will print if the source code is “B” (i.e., Billing), unless the transaction was split.

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