Billing Q&A: Duplicate Contact IDs

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We recently retained a new client whose name is the same as another of our established clients. When we try to create a new client file for them, entering their name pulls up the client we already have. How can we enter our new client separately?

The Client Name field in Tabs3 is linked to the Contact file. When entering a new Client Name (instead of selecting an existing one), you are also creating a new Contact ID. However, Contact IDs must be unique, a lot like Client IDs. Therefore, if you enter the name of a contact that already exists, a new contact will not be created.

However, there are ways to add to the Contact ID in order to create a unique record. A few of the most common ones are as follows:

  • Add a middle name or middle initial (e.g., Smith/John L.).
  • Add a suffix or prefix (e.g., Smith, Jr./John, Smith/Dr. John).
  • Add a city or street [e.g., Smith/John (Lincoln)].
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