Billing Q&A: Write-Up/Write-Down Across Multiple Matters

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I want the next billing for a client to show the total fees for all of his matters equal to a specific value. Is there a way that we can do this just once?

In version 19, you now have the ability to include all matters for the selected client when writing fees and costs up or down. When writing multiple transactions up or down, each affected transaction’s amount and/or hours is adjusted by an amount proportional to the total adjustment.

To write up or write down fees or costs for all matters

  1. From the Statements menu, point to Statement Preparation, and then select Write-Up/Write Down Fees & Costs.
  2. Enter the Client ID.
  3. Select the Include All Matters for this Client check box.
  4. Select the desired Transaction Type.
  5. Optionally specify additional criteria in the Transaction Selection section.
  6. Click the Calculate Client Total button.
  7. In the Amount Adjustment Type section:
    1. Select Amount.
    2. Enter the New Total. This will be the total billed across all matters for this client.
  8. Click OK.
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