Billing Q&A: Client Funds WIP Payment

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I created a Payment to Firm from within Client Funds, but the payment is not showing up in the Payment file. Why is this?

When entering a Payment to Firm in Client Funds, payments with a Fund Application of Apply to Fee, Apply to Exp, Apply to Adv, or Apply to All will not be created in Tabs3 until the statement is updated. Once the statement has been updated, the archived payment will be viewable on a Transaction File List, Client Ledger Report, and other reports on which payments are shown.

If you need to have a payment record created when the Payment to Firm is saved, then a Fund Application of WIP Payment must be used instead. When selecting WIP Payment, a Payment entry window is opened upon save to create the linked payment record. If the Payment entry window is closed without saving the payment information, then no payment record is created.

Note: Payments entered as a WIP Payment will apply toward any current work-in-process first, and then apply to accounts receivable amounts according to the Payment Application settings stored in the Client file.

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