Billing Q&A: Reporting Total Fee Receipts by Category

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We want a report that shows the total fee receipts for each category from last year. Is there a report that will provide those figures?

The Cash Receipts Report shows the total amount of payments received during the specified time period, along with an optional breakdown of how they were applied.

To run the Cash Receipts Report

  1. From the Reports menu, point to Management and select Cash Receipts Report.
  2. On the Client tab, make sure that both the Client ID and Thru fields are blank.
  3. On the Options tab:
    1. In the Type section, select Summary.
    2. Enter the desired Payment Date range.
    3. In the Include section, select the Breakdown of Applied Payments and Payment Adjustments check boxes.
  4. On the Sort tab:
    1. In the Report Order section, select the Category option.
    2. In the Totals section, select the Totals Only check box.
  5. Click OK.
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