Billing Q&A: Resending Email Statements

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We had an issue with our Email server and our last batch of email statements sent from Tabs3 did not go out. How can we resend the email statements out again since they no longer show up in the Email Statements window in Tabs3?

There are a few options for resending email statements when this happens:

  1. If the emails are in the Outlook Sent Items folder, you could forward each email to the intended recipients individually.
  2. If the statements did not get sent, they may still be in the Outlook Outbox folder. If this is the case, clicking Send/Receive may send the email statements out.
  3. If the emails are not in either the Sent Items or Outbox folder, you can resend the statement through Tabs3 Billing.

To resend the statements through Tabs3 Billing, they must first be undone, and then regenerated as final statements again. Once final statements are generated and updated, you can go back to the Email Statements window to resend the statements.

To undo multiple updated statements

  1. From the Statements menu, point to Undo Updated Statements and select Undo Multiple Updated Statements.
  2. Select the Statement Date for the statements you want to resend.
  3. Click OK.
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