Billing Q&A: Total Number of Updated Statements

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We have a client that has been with us for many years. They have requested to know the number of statements that we have sent them. Is there an easy way to provide them with this information?

There are several reports that display statement numbers on them, including the Client Ledger Report (Reports | Management | Client Ledger Report) and Accounts Receivable by Invoice (Reports | Accounts Receivable | A/R by Invoice Report) reports. However, these reports do not include a total count of statements.

An easy way to get an automatic count of statements is via Reprint Multiple Updated Statements (Statements | Reprint Updated Statement | Reprint Multiple Updated Statements). Before being prompted to preview or print the statements, a window is displayed that includes the number of clients and statements included in the reprint.


The Stmts Selected number from this window can be provided to your client, or you can reprint statements and provide them with the page that includes Statement Run Totals. When including Statement Run Totals, the total number of statements, hours, fees, expenses, and finance charge are included.

To include a Statement Run Totals page when reprinting statements

  1. From the Statements menu, point to Reprint Updated Statement and select Reprint Multiple Updated Statements.
  2. In the Statement Criteria section:
    1. Leave the Statement Date fields set to mm/dd/yyyy.
    2. Enter the desired Client ID range.
  3. In the Reprint Options section, select the Print Statement Run Totals check box.
  4. Click OK.

When previewed or printed, the Statement Run Totals page is the last page and can be printed separately.

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