Billing Q&A: Report Definition for Generate Statements

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I always run my statements with a blank beginning date and an ending date of the last day of the month on the Transactions tab. Is there a way to have the Generate Statements program default to these options so I don’t have to manually enter them each time?

This can be accomplished by saving a default report definition for the Generate Statements program.

To save a report definition for Generate Statements

  1. From the Statements menu, select Generate Statements.
  2. On the Transactions tab, enter the last day of the current reporting month in the Thru field for Fees and press the Tab key. This will automatically populate the Thru fields for Costs and Payments as well.
  3. Click the Save button.
    1. Enter a Definition Name and Description.
    2. Select the Make this definition the default check box.
    3. Click OK.
  4. Close the Generate Statements program.

The generate statements program will now default to a Thru date of the last day of the current reporting month.

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