Billing Q&A: Turning Off Text Macros

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Many users at my firm use Text Macros when entering data. However, I prefer not to use them. Is it possible to disable text macros just for me?

Each individual user can enable or disable text macros for their User ID.

To disable Text Macros, right-click in a rich text field (e.g., Fee Description, Client Notes, etc.), and select Auto Text Expansion. When macros are turned on, a check mark is displayed next to this option. Alternatively, when macros are turned off, there is no check mark. When turned off, text will no longer be automatically expanded based on the Text Macro file.

You can also temporarily disable or enable a Text Macros while typing. Press Ctrl+Spacebar after entering a Macro ID to prevent the automatic text macro expansion if macros are turned on, or vice versa. This option allows you to take advantage of text macros only when it’s most convenient to you.

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